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Clearly label food, its expiry date and price with these Date &amp, Data Label Guns.
SATO Judo Food Labelling Guns have been especially designed to clearly label food and meet the demands of professionals.
These label guns feature 2 lines of text, the top line has 13 related food stamps whilst the bottom line has numeric text and symbols which are ideal for writing prices or expiry dates. The top line labels are as follows: DEFROSTED, READY, USE BY, OPENED, BAKED, REFIGERATED, DISCARD, DECANTED, MANU DATE, PULL, COOKED, FROZEN, DISPLAY.

¥ Date &amp, Data Label Gun (SATO Judo Food Labelling Gun)
¥ Features 2 lines of text
¥ Specially designed to create labels for the food industry
¥ Top line has 13 food related stamps
¥ Bottom line has numeric text and symbols- perfect for writing prices or expiry dates
¥ Use specific day labels to monitor food and reduce waste
¥ Label and ink loading instructions included
¥ From labelling experts, SATO

¥ Ink roller
¥ label