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  • Capacity: 15/30 kg 
  • Scale division: 5/10 g.
  • OIML certification 
  • Plate: 38 x 25 cm in stainless steel 
  • Operating Temperature: - 10 ° C ~ 40 ° C 
  • Double Graphic Display LCD numbers and alphabet black color 
  • Back light included 
  • Membrane keyboard 
  • Product change and cancel function 
  • Thermal printing system
  • Ticket and label printing 
  • Printing 80 labels per minute 
  • High printing speed 100 mm / sec 
  • Barcode printing (10 types of programmable barcodes) 
  • Electric current 110 V / 240 V 
  • 72 direct memories 
  • You can save up to 10,000 Products 
  • 64 Sellers 
  • Option to use as a cash register with a drawer connection and ticket printing for the client. 
  • Printing of sales reports (PLU, Vendor, X, Z, Department, Group, Time)
  • Broadcast advertising message when the scale is not being used
  • Communication Ports: RJ-45 (Network connection), RJ-11 (Cash drawer), USB (PC), RS-232 (PC). 
  • Option to connect wireless network card 
  • Language: English and Spanish 
  • PLU programmable data (F. Expiration, F. Packaging, F. Production, Ingredients, Nutritional Factors, Traceability, barcode, Lot, Description, Tare, Price, Special Price, among others) 
  • 45 default label formats and ability to save 20 customizable labels through CL-WORKS